Eden Hazard
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It’s that time once again, CIES have provided us with the most valuable football squads on the planet, as calculated by their formula.

There is one major eye-brow raiser in the top 95 which, for some, may discredit their entire rankings. That is that arguably the greatest player of all-time, Lionel Messi, is nowhere to be seen.

However, Messi’s contract at the Nou Camp has less than a year to run, so we can assume this is the reason for his absence. That would explain why Luis Suarez is listed as Barca’s most valuable player instead.

According to CIES’ latest rankings, Chelsea have the fourth most valuable squad in world football. They claim that the Premier League champions’ squad is worth an eye-watering €1.04 billion.

It is claimed, unsurprisingly, that our most valuable individual player is Eden Hazard, who CIES believe is worth a whopping €121 million. In the modern, inflated transfer market – that seems very low!

If we want to have any chance of retaining our crown, we need to start playing like a team that is worth over a billion euros.`

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2 years ago

Antony The stat shows everything the reason that Barcelona goes for coutinho because he Brazilian just like Neymar www.squawka.com/comparison-matrix#premier_league/2016/2017/eden_hazard/819/641/454/0/p%7Cla_liga/2016/2017/lionel_messi/862/712/1569/0/p%7Cpremier_league/2016/2017/philippe_coutinho/819/641/2673/0/p%23successful_take_ons/chances_created/successful_take_ons_%25/fouls_suffered/interceptions/clearances/blocks/pass_completion/goals_scored%23total

2 years ago

To me, this is a pure insult on the person of Hazard and Chelsea as a whole. How could he be valued at 121? Is Coutinho any where near Haz? Then the Brazilizn was valued at 180 whatever currency by Barcelona this last term. For crying-out-loud sake, the valuers should… Read more »