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The Premier League doesn’t like not being the centre of attention, so it was no surprise to see the eyes of the world returning to the English game in the middle of the international break, for the truly sensational unveiling of Jose Mourinho at Tottenham.

Our game at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium is coming up next month, and fans will be struggling to focus on the games between now and then. Our first game against Mourinho in the Premier League was under Antonio Conte at Stamford Bridge, and the 4-0 win was utterly glorious. It shattered any potential hoodoo the former boss could have built up over a former team, and in fact set us up for some good results against him. Another good result against his Tottenham incarnation could have equally useful effects.

But we must not get ahead of ourselves. There are vital games left to play before then too. For more information on our next game however against Manchester City this weekend, we can look at the Chelsea FC official website and their take on the fixture.

One stat is particularly glum – City have stopped Chelsea scoring in 5 of our last 6 meetings. The fact that City have lost more games against us than any other team is cold comfort, given how many of them came when City were very much a second or third tier power in the top flight.

That first stat is much more recent, and much more gloomy. But then again, Frank Lampard was in charge of 0 of those 6 matches. We would be very surprised to see us shut out again. We’ve averaged more than two goals a game this season, and against a City side with plenty of holes at the back and a tendency to attack, we expect the boys to find the net at least once.

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Brent Wherry
Brent Wherry
10 months ago

But we’re a better team now than in any of our six recent meetings. We’ll aim to keep a clean sheet and fill our boots with goals.