Ross Barkley

Chelsea midfielder Ross Barkley has revealed the amount of goals he’s hoping to score this season – and it’s rather ambitious.

Despite the past couple of seasons taking their toll on Barkley’s development, the fact remains that he was one of the most talented of the past generation of English youngsters. That raw ability is still within him.

After (finally) reaching his optimum fitness level in a Chelsea shirt, this is the time for Barkley to show us what he can do. Maurizio Sarri has shown willingness to give him minutes this term, which is a promising sign.

Barkley is playing under one of the best managers in the world for him if he’s looking to brush up in attack and become a more productive player. It’s just as well, because his ambitions are lofty.

During an interview with the Telegraph, Barkley revealed that he’s hoping to score 20 goals in a season:

“I believe I can hit the 20-goals-a-season mark. It’s a lot, but it’s achievable. You see Lamps do it and Stevie G (Steven Gerrard) and (Paul) Scholes.”

Do you think he can hit that target, Blues?

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Mr Craig Evans
Mr Craig Evans
2 years ago

The lad is going to struggle to make 20 games, let alone 20 goals.