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The disappointments of this season have reached the point that rumours can be plausibly this extreme. The Express has reported that we are planning to ship out up to NINE of our first team players as part of a “cleansing process”of sorts after our atrocious season.

The report goes on to divide the alleged departures to “almost certains” and “likely departures”. The former list includes our star man, Eden Hazard, along with Oscar, Nemanja Matic and Loic Remy, plus the contact-less captain of ours, John Terry, while the later is made up of Diego-num num- Costa, Falcao, Pato and Pedro.

One finds it quite odd that despite the fact that our defence has been arguably more responsible for our mighty fall this term, only one defender is reported to be departing, even though if we were to have a large turnover of players this season, it is most likely going to be at the back four, but so far, that reasoning seems to be lost by the world media.

The list includes players who are indeed destined to leave Chelsea, most of all Falcao. But the likes of Hazard, Oscar, Matic and Costa all have long term contracts with the club, so it is not as though anyone can force our hand. And in one of the few moments where we heard what the club was thinking, we were “assured” that they trust the squad completely, and one would have to think that with Champions League football next season, selling our best players and trying to replace them would be a much more difficult task than bringing in a new Italian manager with a little bit of a temper to get them back to form. It would be rather ridiculous to sell players who reached world class levels just 12 months ago, when we really don’t have the bargaining power to replace them.

In the end, we are almost definitely not going to sell all nine of the mentioned players, almost definitely. But plenty could change with the new manager coming around and if we look back at our recent history, we’ll see that the only time we’ve failed to finish in the top four in the Premier League was in 2012 and if some don’t remember, it was one of the busiest ever windows since our new money came into the picture. So while nothing is certain, early signs are indicating that we are set to make up for the dull quiet thing that was last summer.

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Tjiveheua steven Tjombe
Tjiveheua steven Tjombe
4 years ago

Why should we sell our best players on the field and off field as a Chelsea fan I what to know a reasonable reason why we should sell our players