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It was announced yesterday by both Chelsea Football Club and German sportswear manufacturer, Adidas that they’ve mutually agreed to terminate our long term partnership and have it end in the summer of 2017 instead of 2023 as was initially intended:

Our side:

Having begun our relationship in 2006, we would like to thank adidas for their fantastic support and cooperation over the past 10 years. In that time the club has lifted the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, two Premier League titles, four FA Cups and two League Cups, and we look forward to a successful final year of partnership.

Their side:

As compensation for the early termination of the contract, the adidas Group will receive a payment from Chelsea Football Club in 2017 that will already positively impact the Group’s net income this year.

adidas AG wishes to expressly thank Chelsea Football Club for their always professional and successful collaboration, which has included, among other successes, the time of their UEFA Champions League title in 2012 as well as two Premier League titles.

This move has been a bit of a shock to fans and analysts alike, especially with reports claiming that we have paid around 50 million Euros to conclude our association. Naturally, the media had a couple of reasons as to why this dramatic changed has happened. The most obvious of which is that Chelsea have something bigger and better lined up, which would help us spend our way back to the pinnacle of world football.

Another less exciting reason is could be that Adidas managed to use a clause in our arrangement to get a nice pay-off and then ditch us after we’d lost our usual place in the Champions League. One more possibility mentioned was that Adidas are following a new policy of backing only one big club in every country.

It is not yet clear which one of these reasons is the likeliest to be true, with plenty of questions left to be asked. Like, why did we pay an enormous fee to terminate a long term, lucrative deal when we were going to be taking a financial hit after our terrible season? Or why did we sign such a long term deal if we were going to cancel it? Was our board so naive to take us finishing in the top four for granted? (I advise you not to over think that last question) or do we have something up our blue sleeve that will make our short term payment worth it?

There is of course another important question and that would be about the identity of the company allegedly hiding in our sleeves and the reason why we don’t know their names yet. An intelligent guess would be, given the amount of money we paid, one of the bigger-and more importantly richer- companies in the world of football: Nike, Puma or New Balance (or Warrior or whatever they call themselves)

How long it will take for us to know who our next sponsor will be is anyone’s guess, but it looks like New Balance could be it seeing how much they are prepared to dig within their pockets to finance the promotion of their brand. So what would the fans like better, the lion pyjama kits of Adidas, or the likely unicorn rainbow shirt that New Balance’s eccentric designers are bound to make for us?

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