Zinedine Zidane
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Maurizio Sarri is on the ropes at Chelsea following our 6-0 defeat to Man City, and The Sun reckon they know the man we want to replace him with.

Before we get into this it’s definitely worth noting that we don’t believe Sarri will be going anywhere anytime soon. Chelsea bent over backwards to free him from Napoli in the summer. He was the man the club identified as the best fit to take us forward, and he has done so in terms of style, even if there have been some bumps along the way.

However, this is Chelsea, anything is possible. Managers have been sacked for less than what Sarri has been overseeing at Stamford Bridge. Missing out on Champions League qualification has become a real possibility. Spending two seasons out of the competition would have serious financial implications. Roman and co will be desperate to avoid it.

One man who knows all about what it takes to compete in Europe’s biggest competition is Zinedine Zidane, who won it an unprecedented three times in a row during his time in charge at the Santiago Bernabeu. The Sun believe that Zidane, now out of work, is top of our list of potential replacements for Sarri, should the club decide to let him go.

Zidane is a great manager and a born winner. His arrival would ensure that Eden Hazard would be going nowhere, which is an obvious positive. We are rally reluctant to give up on what Sarri is attempting to build here so soon, however. He deserves time to prove that he is the right man to take us towards a prosperous future. Let’s give him that time.

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