Eden Hazard

Chelsea superstar Eden Hazard has warned his Premier League opponents that fouling him will not break his spirit.

It is a constant frustration for Chelsea fans seeing Hazard kicked to the turf. It’s a tactic used by less talented footballers who have no other way of stopping Hazard’s progression towards their goal. We are not questioning it’s effectiveness, but they are putting him at risk of injury – which isn’t cool.

Hazard deals with the treatment he gets admirably. He picks himself up out of the dirt and gets on with the game. He himself is aware of the strategies employed to stop him, but he’s adamant that he will not allow them to affect him.

The Belgium captain is quoted by the Daily Mail saying:

“The Premier League is always like this – every weekend is the same.”

“But I’m not complaining, I try to do my job and when you have the ball, you get kicked, so no complaints. You just try to play better.”

“I felt tired after the game but, at the end, I was happy with the result and the goal. When you win games you forget that you are tired so now we have one week to rest and be ready for the next game.”

As hard is it may be when you’re battered and bruised after a game, Hazard ought to take it as a compliment that opposing players treat him in this manner. He’s too good for them.

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