Antonio Conte
Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images for ICC

After a long legal battle, current Italy manager and soon to be Chelsea boss, Antonio Conte, has received clearance of all match-fixing charges that he has been accused of.

The Italian was never really accused of match-fixing himself, the claim was that he knew about something iffy going on, back when he was the manager of Siena in Serie B that is, and didn’t bother telling the authorities.

Prosecutor Roberto Di Martino was pushing for a suspended ail sentence, along with a hefty fine, but was unsuccessful in proving our new coach guilty in what has to be one of the more ridiculous football cases in the past few years. Defence counsel, Francesco Arata, had the following to say about the outcome of the trial, per Sky:

“It was a full acquittal. What matters is that for him, this story is over. We talked to Conte on the phone and he was very happy.”

Chelsea fans should also be happy that our manager would not have any distractions-or as few as possible- in his task to quickly regain Chelsea’s status as one of the big guns in the Premier League and ultimately, the world of football.

So unless a new scandal breaks out and we find out that Conte was involved in a weed farm just under the Stadium of Juventus, we are going to have Conte next season with a very clean slate.


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