antonio conte
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Just when you we thought we could be happy with our new perfect manager, comes a comment from non other than the prosecutor in his match fixing trial to insure that the Chelsea fans don’t enjoy over 24 hours of hope and sunshine.

The prosecutor of trial has called for the incoming Chelsea manager to be given a suspended six month jail sentence, and an 8000 Euro fine, which does not sound good. But the Italian’s lawyer remains unwavering in denying the charges:

“Antonio Conte denies any wrongdoing and any knowledge of an attempt at match-fixing.”

Now, even though this all sounds nasty, Conte has not been proven guilty and the words of the prosecutor mean very little right now. There is also the fact that Conte has apparently agreed to a summary procedure, which-they say-speeds up the judicial process and, if found guilty, will see his sentence cut by one third. I’ve been told that this is good, but my very limited knowledge of Italian jurisprudence is not a reliable source what so ever. We will see how this situation further develops and judge it when it is clearer.

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