Diego Costa
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Chelsea appear to think that Diego Costa still plays for the club – wishful thinking!

With Alvaro Morata spending the majority of the 2017/18 campaign rolling around on the floor, instead of finding the back of the net, you could be forgiven for ruing Costa’s departure.

Someone at Chelsea does not appear to have fully got over the Spaniard re-joining Atletico Madrid. Either that or he genuinely missed the memo that he departed!

As Chelsea gave their released and retained list to the Premier League, a few eagle-eyed fans on social media spotted a mistake. Costa was included in our retained list, suggesting that the club decided to keep hold of him… except his departure was announced in September.

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing Costa back in a Chelsea shirt anytime soon. His initial move to Atletico was a loan, with a view to making it permanent this summer, hence his inclusion on the list. As you were!

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