Maurizio Sarri
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Monday night could prove to be a pivotal moment in Chelsea’s near future. The fans, remarkably, have turned on Maurizio Sarri.

Chelsea fans have been *so* supportive of our managers over the years. Especially those who go to the Bridge on a weekly basis, they backed Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte to the very end. That’s not the case with Sarri, there were not very many Sarri-ball believers at the game last night.

Sari has been desperately attempting to implement his style of football here, but it’s just not working. We firmly believe that he’s a good manager who would do well elsewhere, but the conditions are not right here for him to be able to succeed. There’s no shame in accepting we made a mistake and rectifying it.

Sacking a manager this soon into his tenure is always disappointing, but Chelsea fans have made their mind up – that was clear during our 2-0 loss to Manchester United yesterday evening.

In a remarkable turn of events, the kind we haven’t seen at this level for a long time, Chelsea supporters were videoed signing “f*** Sarri-ball”. Not just a couple of them within the Matthew Harding Lower – ALL OF THEM!

What do you think, Blues? Is NOW the time that Sarri has to go? Who would you get in to replace him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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