Radamel Falcao
Radamel Falcao struggled to replicate his best form during his time as a Chelsea player.

At the beginning of this glorious season, we brought in a wounded tiger in the hope that he will heal and become the verocious beast that terrorized defenses around the world (including ours) only a couple of years ago. Sadly, with the season nearing its end, we find ourselves with a self-defeated cat that could not play, much less score to save its life.

But, despite his less than inspiring season, Falcao is determined to stay here and fight, according to his interview with El Tiempo:

“I am focused on the club and just live in the present,”

“Football changes very fast and what today can’t happen, tomorrow can.

“I’m not thinking about what might happen on April 29. My job is to give my best and when the time comes to make decisions, we will analyse everything and see, because everything can change in football.

“Today I think about what Chelsea can do from now to May. I do not look beyond that. Me staying here will depend on many factors, it doesn’t depend just on my decision.

“That’s why I try to give my best in training to have a chance [to play], but this will be discussed when we need to make a final decision.”

Falcao also touched on the reported offers from the suddenly lucrative offers from China:

“It is true that I had two different offers to move to China, but I stayed in England to give myself another opportunity,”

“Going there would have been the easiest way out because it was a great offer, but I preferred to stay here and fight [for a place].”

The determination¬†shown by the now 30-year older (where does the time go, right?) is certainly impressive, but sadly in the world of football trying is not always enough, as we’ve come to witness with another striker who also wore the number nine and also tried but failed miserably in Chelsea blue.

We still have the option to buy Falcao for 38 million Pounds, but I have a tiny feeling that the clause will not be activated, even though at this point Monaco would probably be willing to let Falcao go for free just so they don’t pay the massive salary for the last year of his contract.

It is saddening to see a gladiator like Falcao fall so hard out of grace. At least Torres got to win the Champions League and the Europa League. In retrospect, it may have been a better idea for the Colombian not to choose the monies of Monaco back when they were supposed to be the next Chelsea.

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