One of the worst ever dramas to ever take place is seemingly coming to a close. FIFA have finally swept aside Fiorentina’s ridiculous case against Chelsea and Salah, after the Italian club had gone to football’s governing body to “regain justice” from the evil organisation that is Chelsea last year. FIFA’s ruling was the following, as per Football Italia:

“We can confirm that the dispute resolution chamber (DRC) dealt with the dispute opposing the Italian club, ACF Fiorentina, to the player, Mohamed Salah Ghaly, and the English club, Chelsea FC. The findings of the relevant decision, without grounds, have been communicated to the parties on June 8, 2016.”

“The claim of the Italian club was rejected. Since the decision is not yet final and binding, we are not in a position to comment on it any further.”

As it is clearly stated, the decision is not completely final and there is still some wiggle room for Fiorentina to continue their legal tantrums, which will obviously not be of that much benefit, but they only seem to want to mess with Chelsea and waste our time at this point.

Such an approach is very shorted-sighted from the Viola management, and will probably hurt them a lot in the transfer market and be a negative stamp that hurts their prospects, kind of like when someone wears a Smurfs t-shirt to a job interview, any future prospects of a working relationship will be over before they even begin.

Fiorentina’s managerial debacles should however be of little concern to us, what is much more important is for us is regaining our spot among the elite clubs in England and the world. And now we can better concentrate on it, that we no longer have to deal with this case anymore-hopefully…

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