Mason Mount
  • FIFA set to change the way that loans are made in football.
  • Chelsea may well be able to escape this reform unscathed.
  • Are you concerned, Blues? Let us know @TalkChelsea.

The rules on the way loans work in football are set to be changed by FIFA, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Chelsea will be affected by it.

As reported by the Telegraph, soon the number of players that a club will be allowed to have out on loan will be limited to eight.

At first reading, you’d think that this was catastrophic for Chelsea, who have 38 players out on loan at the time of writing. However, the Telegraph’s report claims that we are optimistic exceptions will be made.

Premier League clubs are thought to be optimistic that new FIFA regulations will still allow domestic loans to be made including players under the age of 23 or 21. Something that is often ignored is that we loan the majority of our youngsters to English clubs.

If new rules will only restrict the loaning of players over 23 to clubs abroad, Chelsea will be absolutely fine. Ignore the scaremongers!

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