Chelsea Fans
  • Further allegations of anti-semitic chanting from Chelsea fans.
  • This time on a train on the way back from Brighton.
  • British Transport Police note no official complaint was made.

There has been further accusations of anti-semitic chanting from Chelsea fans, this time on a train home from Brighton.

We’re growing tired of this.

First came the abuse to Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling, which was caught on camera during our 2-0 win over the champions.

The following Thursday, Dan Levene claimed on Twitter that Chelsea fans were singing anti-semitic chants during our clash with MOL Vidi.

Chelsea fans were later heard singing “f*** Dan Levene”, a chant that was carried into our fixture at the Amex this weekend.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t all that the Chelsea faithful were allegedly singing on their day out to Brighton.

The Guardian report that the British Transport Police were alerted to Chelsea fans singing anti-semitic songs on a train.

However, when they arrived at the scene, nobody came forward to make a complaint. They interviewed the Chelsea fans and no conclusions were made.

There is no concrete evidence that this incident actually occurred, but considering the current state of affairs in the Chelsea community, we wouldn’t be surprised.

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