Gianfranco Zola

Chelsea have reportedly considered giving Gianfranco Zola the manager’s job on a caretaker basis, according to reports in Italy.

Maurizio Sarri is thought to be on the brink following Chelsea’s 6-0 loss to Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium. The fans are divided over whether he deserves a chance to turn our fortunes around. Ultimately, it’ll be Roman Abramovich’s decision.

Sport Mediaset believe that there are more options on the table than allowing Sarri to continue, which is bad news for the Italian. It’s claimed that Chelsea are open to the idea of Gianfranco Zola stepping in on a temporary basis.

There’s several flaws in this story which we feel need bringing to the fore. First of all, we would deem it unlikely that Sarri will be sacked at this point. We are still on track to achieve our season objectives, which may well save his bacon.

Also, Sarri is a friend of Zola’s and is the man who brought him back to the club which holds his heart. We don’t see him as the kind of person who would be willing to go behind Sarri’s back in that manner. We just can’t see this one happening.

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