Gonzalo Higuain
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Gonzalo Higuain will take the feared number 9 shirt after signing along the dotted line on his Chelsea contract. Let’s hope that he’s the man to break the curse!

We’re waiting on official announcement of Gonzalo Higuain’s transfer to Chelsea. Our tweet notifications for Chelsea are on and we wait eagerly to report the news that we finally have a striker capable of finding the back of the opposition’s net. It’s about time.

As is always the case when a player comes through the door, fans are left wondering which number to get printed on the back of their shirt along with their name. The wait is over to see what Higuain will be donning, with news emerging that he’s taking the 9.

Higuain Marina

The number 9 shirt is feared by all Chelsea fans. Alvaro Morata was so scared of it he decided to change to 29. There appears to be some kind of voodoo surrounding it – whoever wears it never tends to succeed while playing at Stamford Bridge.

We firmly believe that Higuain is the man to repair the reputation of our number 9 shirt. Age is merely a number, he has the ability to score bags of goals in the Premier League, and with the amount of chances we create, he won’t have a problem finding the net.

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1 year ago

We Chelsea fans hope so

1 year ago

finally q good striker welcome Higiain