Roman Abramovich

The situation at Chelsea has scarcely been more precarious during Roman Abramovich’s reign at Stamford Bridge.

Since the Russian bought the club back in 2003, it’s all been sunshine and rainbows, barring a handful of disappointing seasons and subsequent managerial dismissals.

However, that is not the case anymore. Abramovich’s investor visa for the U.K was revoked, meaning he no longer has any right to live and work in England. That’s a bit of an issue when you consider that he owns an English football club.

The plans to redevelop Stamford Bridge into a 60,000-seater stadium have now been put on hold, leading some to question Abramovich’s commitment to the cause. There’s nothing to suggest at this point in time that he’s preparing to put us up for sale, but how much could he demand if he did?

The Times report that he would likely be keen to see the £1.17 billion he has pumped into Chelsea repaid, was he to leave. Forbes’ valuation of the club is higher at £1.44 billion, but the former is a more sensible estimate how much Abramovich would sell for.

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