N'golo Kante
  • N’Golo Kante piece of decency goes viral on Twitter.
  • Kante is exposed by Football Leaks, in a good way!
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An incredible piece of decency from Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante has gone viral on Twitter.

Kante is a footballer that nobody can hate. Not only is he one of the best midfielders you’ll find anywhere on the planet, he’s also a kind and humble human being.

The Frenchman is adored by the fans, the media and, perhaps most importantly, his teammates. When news like this comes to light, it’s clear to see why.

In the latest round of football leaks, Kante’s name was mentioned, which gave us a scare at first. We should’ve had faith in him. This has to be the first time someone involved in football has been exposed to be a nicer guy than first thought.

Chelsea offered to pay Kante through the offshore company that he created, but he wasn’t interested. Kante (who in all fairness earns a fair bit anyway) was not interested in going through loopholes to avoid paying tax.

You just can’t hate him, can you?

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