Chelsea Nike

In case you missed it, it will be announced on Friday what kit the Chelsea squad will be donning into battle during the 2018/19 campaign.

To many this is a big deal, to others it’s merely a money making scheme. We find ourselves somewhere in the middle.

You cannot deny, though, that there is a real sense of anticipation centred around every kit launch. This time is no different, and our excitement hasn’t been dampened by the club teasing on their Twitter account.

There has been plenty of designs circulating in recent weeks and months, claiming to be leaked replicas of our new kit. However, this design revealed by Footy Headlines appears to be the most credible. They claim it to be official!


The kit features white and red stripes that we haven’t seen previously. It’s an acquired taste, but at least Nike are being more creative with our shirts than Adidas became.

What do you think, Blues?

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