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Borussia Dortmund starlet Jadon Sancho has given Chelsea fans a taste of what they’ll be getting in the shape of new signing Christian Pulisic.

Pulisic is one of the brightest talents on the planet, and Sancho knows him better than most from their time spent together in Dortmund. The pair have essentially taken opposite career paths, with Sancho leaving Manchester City in hope of a prosperous career in the Bundesliga and Pulisic heading to the Premier League to continue his own development.

There is an obvious comparison to be made between them though, with the two wingers departing their native countries at a young age to build a career abroad. Sancho has now been speaking to ESPN and revealed that Pulisic’s bravery to leave his life behind to succeed at Dortmund inspired him to do the same:

“The club had shown with a player like Christian Pulisic that they were going in the right way, playing youngsters and giving them a chance. He came from the same situation as me, leaving his family behind.”

“He was so young, and he was brave enough. America is a lot further away than England and he’s taken a bigger step than I have done. How he’s handled that, what he does on the pitch, his mentality [towards] football, it’s just crazy. The passion he has. I admire him.”

Sancho went to to reveal to ESPN that he sees Pulisic as somewhat as a role model due to his strong mentality and ‘outstanding’ footballing ability. The England international gives Chelsea fans a clearer idea of why the club opened their chequebook in order to acquire him back in the January transfer window:

“He’s an outstanding player, I really do look up to him. Him going away from home shows that you have to do things to get out of your comfort zone, sometimes.”

“I feel it’s worked for him and it’s working for me now, because we’re both staying focussed and keep training hard.”

Young players are often prone to ‘falling off’ and failing to fulfil their potential. It’s difficult to see these two doing the same due to their, as Sancho puts it, mentalities. They’re both mature beyond their years in a mental and footballing sense, and that will do them no harm as they look to scale their way up to the summit of the football world.

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