Higuain Marina

Marina Granovskaia has spoke about the complexities of securing the Gonzalo Higuain signing, which ought to earn her some rare credit.

Gonzalo Higuain is a Chelsea player, that will never not sound weird. We’re desperately hoping he’s not an Andriy Shevchenko, we’d even take a Samuel Eto’o at this point. He’s still got the capability to find the back of the net, and he’s going to at Stamford Bridge.

With Higuain being on-loan at Milan from Juventus, acquiring him on-loan will have proven no easy feat. Marina, who gets a lot of criticism from Chelsea fans for failing to conduct transfers, managed to get it done. She’s not discussed how difficult it was.

She’s quoted by the club’s official website saying:

“Gonzalo was our number one target in this transfer window and arrives with a proven record at the highest level. He has previously worked with Maurizio to great effect and is familiar with how the coach likes to play.”

“This was not an easy deal for us to do because of the numerous parties involved, but we are delighted we were able to make it happen and we look forward to seeing the impact Gonzalo will make for us in the second half of the season.”

While Marina has got this one done, we do still believe that she needs more help. There is not a single ‘football person’ on our board. They’re all businessmen or executives, great at their job but the disconnect between the common people is evident.

If we could get a John Terry or a Didier Drogba in some kind of technical director role, we would have the best of both worlds. They could also help Marina gain the trust of the Chelsea supporters, as they’ll have it forever. Listen up, Roman Abramovich!

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