N'Golo Kante

N’Golo Kante has revealed to EA Sports which of the Chelsea squad is best at playing FIFA.

As EA Sports report, Kante was named the Premier League Player of The Season, following up the FWA and PFA awards that he had already scooped.

Kante is, as we all know, a world-class midfielder on a field of grass, but it’s important to remember that football does not just exist in real life – it also exists in video games.

EA Sports quizzed Kante about who in the Chelsea squad is the best at FIFA, and he revealed which of his teammates is as good with a controller as he is with a football:

“Yes, we do play FIFA 17 together. I tend to play against Cesar Azpilucueta a lot, who is very good and usually beats me, but he said that Thibaut Courtois is very good as well, so I guess I will have to say Thibaut Courtois is the best!”

It comes as no surprise that the best player in the Chelsea squad that is best at something you do with you hands, is someone who makes a living off of how good they are with their hands.

If you ever find yourself challenging a member of the Chelsea squad to give you a game of FIFA, make sure you steer clear of Courtois.

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