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  • Nottingham Forest fans heard singing homophobic chants at the Bridge. 
  • Chelsea fans’ have been under a huge amount of scrutiny recently.
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Is homophobic chanting acceptable at Stamford Bridge if it leaves the mouth of a non-Chelsea fan?

Are the Nottingham Forest supporters going to avoid the wrath of tomorrow’s back-pages as it doesn’t fit the media’s narrative?

We’re not going to let it slide.

Forest fans’ homophobic chants were picked up by the pitch-side microphones at the Bridge. The age-old “Chelsea rentboys” chant rang out around the stadium.

Chelsea have been under a huge amount of scrutiny in recent weeks following various incidents involving both racist and homophobic chants. We expect the Forest fans to get equal treatment.

This sort of behaviour needs to be stamped out of football, we are huge advocates for that. However, the same degree of punishment needs to be dished out to offenders in all tiers of English football, not just those at the top.

We may be wrong, but it’s hard to see Forest fans’ chanting making tomorrow’s papers.

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