antonio conte

Current Italy boss and reported front runner for the Chelsea job, Antonio Conte has confirmed that he will be leaving his current post after the conclusion of the European Championship of 2016 and look for a return to club football:

“Conte will leave the national team after the European Championship. He hears the call of the [training] pitch and of daily work, which is understandable.”

-Carlo Tavecchio, Italian FA president

Conte followed up the statements of the president with a Facebook post (so official, amma rite?) confirming that he is still focused on doing the best possible in France this summer:

“Right now our highest concentration is solely on the European Championships where we will try to make the most of our potential,”

“Anyone who knows me knows that my commitment will be total. Then I feel I must go back to coaching a club where training takes place every day.”

Conte has been linked by pretty much everyone in the world with the Chelsea job to that point that it is not possible to think that there isn’t at least something going on. This latest bit of news all but confirms Conte’s imminent summer arrival at Cobham. Why, you ask? Well, it’s kind of like when someone likes a beautiful girl and talks with her about a relationship and then finds out that she broke her current relationship, it kind of makes it obvious doesn’t it?

Aside from the fantasy world, it is unlikely that Conte would take a job with a “small” club, and other than Chelsea, no other big club is looking to appoint so it is as good as a confirmation will get before the actual announcement. For now, let’s all listen to Italian operas, eat plenty of pasta and hope that our dreams are not crushed with another, less glamorous appointment.

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