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Pedro:”Barcelona my dream club and I want to go back”



Pedro:”Barcelona my dream club and I want to go back”

It has been a bumpy first season in Chelsea Blue for Pedro Rodriguez, who was signed to help us get rid of our early bad form before it could get out of hand and drags us to the relegation zone. He and our other players have sadly failed to achieve that to a large extent-to his credit though, his debut match was quite promising and showed what he is capable of doing. Unfortunately, he has struggled to replicate THAT performance, and has looked very much lost in his new surroundings.

The Spaniard is currently away with his country on international duty, and he and his side now face Italy in the first knockout round of Euro 2016. Will Pedro, along with Cesc Fabregas and Cesar Azpilicueta, be able to scupper the plans of incoming Chelsea boss Antonio Conte and his Italy team?

Pedro’s lack of success in the Premier League has naturally evoked rumors linking him with a move back home, specifically to Barcelona, and even though he has indirectly implied before that he wants to stay here and try to do better, it seems as though his heart-or certainly part of it- is still in Catalunya, as per BeIN Sport:

“Hopefully [I can return to Barcelona], I know it’s difficult, I spoke with the president when we saw each other at the Cup final and I also spoke with all the people who love me there”

“It’s complicated, but I’ve always said I would like to retire at Barca.

“The years have passed and Barca have some of the best players in the world, it’s a very demanding club and coming back is complicated, but I can’t rule it out”

Many have interpreted this as a plea to the Spanish Champions to rescue him from the rain and cold of London, but it is much more likely a comment concerning his long term future, but one can never know, and it does not really sound nice when our player is talking about  another team while he’s still with us; kind of like when a man tells his girlfriend:”you know, you’re great and I hope we enjoy each other’s company for a couple of years, but what I’m really looking forward to is getting back with my ex after we split up”

Such statements don’t really inspire us to dream of winning things and regaining our status in world football with Pedro in our ranks, and speaking of dreaming, he also said this:

“I spent 11 or 12 years in Barcelona, my family are there and a lot of my friends, as well. The fans love me a lot, I felt valued by the club, and it’s always very tough to leave the club of your dreams.

“Ultimately, I had to make that decision because I saw that my chances had become exhausted.”

It is not at all surprising to hear such words from a man who is 100% made in Barcelona, especially with the club being more than just a club for many young players who basically grow up and learn about life in the famous La Masia. So his attachment to that institution is understandable and even expectable.

What cannot be expected however, is whether his emotions will force a move back there soon, if ever-as even Pedro admits that it is incredibly competitive at La Blaugrana- and it is also hard to foretell how much of the 28 year-old’s concentration our club can enjoy, if he is so homesick.

What do these statements mean? Does Pedro really want to stay here? If he had the chance to go back home, would he do it? Or would he maybe pick the middle route and move to Man City along with Guardiola? All of these questions will hopefully be answered once transfer deadline day is over this summer.

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Sergio Aguilar
Sergio Aguilar
4 years ago

his cry baby lacks mettle to play at the premiere , go for boat and here in the premier League is for men not for little girls , player showed nothing beat it and never go back more

4 years ago

Pedro u traitor

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