Ray Wilkins

Former Blue Ray Wilkins has claimed that the Premier League champions should play Diego Costa over Alvaro Morata, report Sky Sports.

We’re getting tired of hearing this. Costa should no longer be considered a Chelsea player. He has shown no willingness to return to the Cobham training ground and earn back his spot in the side. He has shown no willingness to smooth over things with manager Antonio Conte. He has shown no willingness to reciprocate the love that Chelsea fans have shown to him since his arrival at the club. Costa and Chelsea – is done, it’s over.

Someone please tell that to Ray Wilkins so he can stop talking nonsense.

The ex-Chelsea player and coach is quoted by Sky Sports revealing that he would rather have Costa at Chelsea than Morata, and says that he does not know why Conte doesn’t currently have both at his disposal:

“When I look at the beast in Costa… he upsets people. I’d much rather have Costa than Morata. Why we haven’t got both, I don’t know. He should be at Stamford Bridge and then Chelsea would have a proper strike force.”

Wilkins does not appear to have been paying attention. High-profile figures like himself are given a platform to share their views with the public, and unfortunately, many listen. He ought to go away and educate himself before returning with a more informed opinion.

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gary tibbott
gary tibbott
3 years ago

agreed with Alex 100%. Dopey comments from the likes of Ray don’t do the club any favours. Blue since ’72, so what we have now is amongst the best. Alvaro included.