Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard celebrating after winning the Champions League in 2012

Juan Roman Riquelme was a brilliant player in his prime, but it looks as though the retired Argentine is losing his marbles in his old age.

The Boca Juniors legend was one of the attacking midfield masters during his heyday, so you would like to think that he knows what he’s talking about when discussing the role. However, these recent comments suggest otherwise.

Riquelme is quoted by the Express comparing Tottenham flop Paulinho, who is now at Barcelona, to Chelsea legend Frank Lampard:

“Paulinho is similar to Frank Lampard, with the difference being that he’s black. He can score headed goals too. He can have a bad game, and still score against you. Chelsea’s Lampard is the same”

Paulinho arrived at White Hart Lane with high expectations having impressed during his time with Corinthians in Brazil. However, he failed to impress and was subsequently shipped off to China.

The Express claim that Barcelona parted with £35M in order to give him another shot in the big-time. Even in then modern, inflated market, that seems extortionate. To compare him to Lampard is, quite frankly, an insult to one of the greatest midfielders to ever play the game.

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3 years ago

I think Requelme was being controlled by the power of liquor when he made that satatement. I believe when he wakes up, he is coming up with a different thought about Lampard which is comparing him with the best of few midfielders in the world that ever lived.