Maurizio Sarri

Maurizio Sarri got the win today, but performances like this won’t save his job.

For one thing, if we play as poorly as we did today in any other game, we would lose.

We needed a big refereeing error to get anything today.

But it’s also the case that, regardless of the result, performing like this will be seriously worrying anyone upstairs at Chelsea. They may not say anything, but they are watching, and the way the team has gone sideways, and then backwards, this season is very worrying.

It’s especially frustrating when you think that Antonio Conte is sitting on a beach somewhere. He had to go in the end, but it’s a shame it worked out this way.

Sarri meanwhile will not see a second season if the team play like this again. The chances of us getting the Champions League spot he desperately needs to save his job look slim, and invisible if we play like this.

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1 year ago

He needs to go now, he’s an imbecile.