Chelsea Europa League
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Chelsea are going to win the Europa League. It’s all but been confirmed. You know why? Because of Victor Moses and Olivier Giroud. Hear us out.

As Olivier Giroud flicked the ball into the back of the Malmo net with his heel on Thursday night, he achieved something that hasn’t been done by a Chelsea player since 2013. The World Cup winner has now scored in FOUR consecutive European appearances.

Giroud loved the Europa League during his time with Arsenal. It must be something to do with the sub-par Eastern European sides who aren’t schooled on how to defend. If I were a striker, I know I’d love coming up against them. ALL DUE RESPECT.

Four in a row, though, it doesn’t matter who you’re playing against, that’s an impressive level of consistency, from a player who hasn’t often inspired since signing for Chelsea. He’s also given us a heads up that Chelsea are on their way to glory in the Europa League.

Victor Moses bagged in four consecutive European games the season that Chelsea lifted the Europa League. He’s now had that feat matched by Giroud, but will he be able to go all the way this season? We’ll have to wait and see. If he keeps on scoring, we just might do it.

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