Former Blue’s latest comments a bridge too far, Chelsea fans won’t stand for this

By @TalkChelsea  
4th September 2018
Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois has done it again. We’re growing tired of reporting about this abhorrent man, yet his recent behaviour motivates us to expose him for the snake that he is.

Courtois, though a good goalkeeper, was never truly warmed to by Chelsea fans. From the day he returned and dethroned Petr Cech, his commitment to the cause was continually called into question.

Chelsea fans’ suspicions that Courtois was nothing more than a mercenary were confirmed by the manner in which he forced through his move to Real Madrid in the summer. As the Telegraph reported at the time, the Belgian went AWOL.

Courtois demonstrated a complete lack of respect for the club, the fans and his Chelsea teammates by failing to return to training and discuss his future with Maurizio Sarri. His actions were that of a coward.

Even after securing his ‘dream’ move to the Santiago Bernabeu, Courtois has still thought it necessary to discuss his former employers and present us in a negative light.

After making his first appearance for Los Blancos, Courtois spoke of the gulf in quality between his Real Madrid teammates and those he played alongside at Chelsea.

Better players they may be, but it’s hard to imagine these comments went down well at Cobham.

Further comments have now emerged from Courtois, with the 26-year-old now insulting Stamford Bridge, a stadium which has hosted football since 1877.

He’s quoted by Sport Witness saying:

“It’s twice as big, of course, it’s a very different feeling. If you look forward, you only see a wall of people while at Stamford Bridge you can still see the sky or the hotel behind the grandstand.”

Courtois has every right to express his delight at playing for Los Blancos. We’d expect him to, Real Madrid is the biggest club on the planet. There is, however, no need to disrespect Chelsea in the process.

There is not a single Chelsea player who has achieved as much as Courtois did in SW6, who is as universally hated among the fanbase. Not even William Gallas. That tells you everything you need to know about him.

Courtois is no loss to us. We have adequately replaced him with Kepa Arrizabalaga and have won our opening four Premier League games.

Maurizio Sarri has got his Chelsea side playing the best football we have in recent memory. Kepa may have the sky and hotel in his field of view, but that’s in addition to the champagne football we’re playing at the minute.

Now is the time to get your Chelsea football tickets, since football season is now getting underway. Demand among Chelsea fans is likely to be high, and if you wait too long, you might not be able to find football tickets that you want.

Unfortunately our failure to qualify for the Champions League rules out a Courtois reunion this season. One day, though, he will return to the Bridge, and the reception he receives won’t be pretty.

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2 years ago

i have always known that this guy was a d**k

2 years ago

In conclusion to all these, Thibaut Curtois, a former goalkeeper at ChelseaFC is an idiot.

2 years ago

i hope stops to comment about Chelsea because whatever he is commenting shows up clearly that he wasn’t playing for us with passion but just for work

2 years ago

The building behind the north stand at the bridge is always the apple of my eye.
Since 1970 when I first saw it I have always been saying “it’s the house I want to live in”.

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