kurt zouma
Clive Rose/Getty Image

Kurt Happy Zouma is not so happy at the moment. His tragic injury against Manchester United is now confirmed to keep him away from the greens of football pitches for SIX whole months.

The injury means that Zouma’s season with us is over, it also means that he will not be playing in the Euros in the summer, in his home country. He has apparently severely damaged his knee ligaments enough to require a surgery. The young Frenchman’s responded to all the good wishers on Twitter:

One would rightly be afraid that such an injury will severely hurt our center back’s development, as these injuries could sometimes hinder the better attribute’s of some players. It is also not good at all that Zouma¬†will not continue with his upward spiral because it was clear that he was learning and improving with every passing game, and now he has been both physically and emotionally damaged that he could lose everything he has worked hard for in the past 18 months or so.

This season just keeps getting better and better.

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