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5 Greatest ever Chelsea Captains

John Terry Celebrating Against Barcelona


5 Greatest ever Chelsea Captains

When talking about issues relating to Chelsea post John Terry, one of the problems that will always come up is lack of leaders on the pitch.

You never really appreciated just what a difference it makes having natural leaders like Terry, Lampard, Cole, and the players listed below until they leave and you have nobody.

It can literally be the difference between winning and losing a match. These are the type of players who will pick the rest of the team up and inject belief that they can still win the game, even after going two goals down.

It isn’t just about shouting and screaming; it’s about motivating, organising, encouraging, and staying positive. It is also about being wise and intelligent, knowing what to say, and when to say it.

So here is my top 5 Chelsea captains of all time…

5. Marcel Desailly

Desailly Shearer 0

It is tough to narrow it down to five, but Desailly just edges it purely due to the fact that he came to Chelsea during a transitional period as a foreign player in a league that was still fairly dominated by English players.

He was nicknamed the rock, and he was a player who’s wrong side you would need to stay clear of. But at the same time he has a heart of gold, and was great for the younger players, offering encouragement as well as leadership.

4. Roy Bentley

Gettyimages 3430815 1

Bentley played 367 games for Chelsea in eight years and captained the side to the First Division title in 1955.

Because I was not alive during that time, I can only go by what people have told me about the striker and it is safe to say that he is nothing short of a Chelsea legend, and one of the best captains the club has ever seen.

3. Ron Harris

Ron Chopper Harris Mn2s

Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris is still well known amongst Chelsea fans, with stories of his being passed down the generations, including to myself.

A super solid player who would never lose a 50/50 challenge and would often take the man and the ball. He was aggressive, but effective, and a true leader on the pitch as well as off of it.

He takes the word legend to a whole new level during his 19 years at Chelsea, in which he captained the side for several years, leading his team to two FA Cup finals and also the Blues’ first-ever European gold in 1972—the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.

He also holds the record for the most appearances for the club, a quite incredible 795 games. Just imagine that happening in today’s game!

2. Dennis Wise

Dennis Wise

Wisey, the absolute definition of a Jack Russell dog nipping at your heels. The midfielder had it all about his game, he was a complete player. He could pick a pass, dribble, attack, score, defend, and he absolutely LOVED a tackle.

But for me, he is the second best captain that the club has ever had, probably swayed a little due to my own memories of him. He was an inspirational leader, But also very intelligent with it, and a real organiser and tactician as well.

It is easy to forget that Wise was at Chelsea for more than a decade, making 332 appearances. He led Chelsea through a very successful period in their history winning the FA Cup in both 1997 and 2000, made the final in 1994, and also won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1998. It was the start of the new age of success at Chelsea, and Wise spearheaded it

  1. John Terry

This was the easiest choice I have ever made. I think if you ask any Chelsea fan regardless of what era they are from who is the best ever Chelsea captain, John Terry will be the name on all of their lips.

You really don’t need words to describe just what a great player and what a great captain Terry was. He was simply unreal, like a super-human, but we all know that.

Terry surpassed 450 appearances for Chelsea winning it all, including the Premier League trophy five times.

An absolute cult hero and all time Chelsea legend. The real pinnacle of a modern day captain.

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