frank lampard

It’s Frank Lampard’s birthday today – he’s 41 would you believe, and we thought we’d have a think about what he’d like to get.

There are some people it’s very hard to buy gifts for, but we think we can work out a few things Super Frank would like. Despite having tons of money, a lovely family and a glittering family, there’s always more you can get someone as determined as him.

  1. A new trophy cabinet – Frank’s medal haul from his playing career is already massive, now he’s becoming a manager he may need to expand it, because even if he’s half as successful as he was as a player, he’s going to be winning titles.
  2. Some new binoculars – The “spy gate” story turned out to be one of the biggest of the Championship season, and Lamps got the last laugh. Could it end up being one of his defining moments as a manager?
  3. A new house – It’s been tough for Frank commuting up to the Midlands, maybe he’d like a new house in Derby? In case, of course, he’s not planning to stay.
  4. £4m – Not the most exciting or original gift, but that’s reportedly how much it will cost to buy him out of his Derby contract.
  5. The Chelsea job – Ok, no more messing around. This is what he really wants, and probably what he has the best chance of getting. Negotiations seem to have been going on behind the scenes for some time now, and we expect a conclusion to be reached soon.

It may not be a Ferrari or a new Playstation, but what Frank really wants for his 41st is the Chelsea job – and he might just get it.

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