Wilfried Zaha

The Sun yesterday reported that Chelsea are interested in signing Wilfred Zaha of Crystal Palace for £60m

That is an interesting rumour in and of itself, but the details of it also indicate a shift in the type of rumours we’re starting to see around the club this year.

With a transfer ban in place for the club, it’s been a summer focused on the change of manager, and following that the various exciting returns and departures of loan players.

Now that storm has died down, it seems that there is a new genus of rumour emerging. The “when the ban has expired” variety, as we see in this Zaha rumour. The idea is that now we’re being linked with players to arrive next summer, once the ban is done. That’s a sensible strategy, and we really wouldn’t be surprised to see us wrap up some deals in January that will go through in the summer.

Whether or not this particular connection with the Palace winger is true, you can expect a lot more of this type of rumour to come. The appetite for signings in the Chelsea fanbase will only grow the longer we go without one, and given deals can be concluded at any point to take place once we’re allowed to bring players in again, it won’t be long before we’re back to matching the other top clubs in the rumour rankings.

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