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Andreas Christensen’s words have confirmed what we all feared. Chelsea do not expect to get their transfer ban overturned, either in the short term or the long term.

After FIFA rejected their appeal, the club said they were “considering their options”, but as of yet we haven’t seen any movement from them yet. An appeal to CAS seems likely, but what Danish defender Christensen reveals that the club aren’t counting on it happening:

If that’s the case, we will really be in a difficult position. It means a depleted squad on the verge of losing its outstanding star will be incapable of signing new players for a full year. Even a starting player in Mateo Kovacic will be forced to leave the club, unless there’s some kind of loophole that can we worked out by the club.

So we would go into next season considerably weaker than this one. The only saving factor is that returning loanees will be able to play. This finally is the year, then, that the loan army comes to the rescue. There aren’t too many bright prospects out there in terms of Premier League ready starters, but at least whoever is in charge next season will be forced to actually give them a shot.

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1 year ago

“Andreas Christensen reveals worrying truth of what Chelsea board think about transfer ban” you then write an article that says nothing from Andreas. Waste my time with this utter pants.