Maurizio Sarri
Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Chelsea have already played 6 games under Maurizio Sarri, but it feels like a lot less.

That’s because it’s been a slow wind up. The manager arrived late, his players returned from the World Cup in dribs and drabs, and signings were coming in right until the deadline.

The only two competitive games have been against Manchester City – one of the strongest teams in world football right now – and against Huddersfield, who barely put a up fight.

We can’t take too much from our win or our loss in those two games. But tomorrow, against Arsenal, we can start to draw some conclusions.

With a first XI fully available, and another week of training under their belts, we play another team with a new manager, albeit one who has had a lot more time with his squad.

It will still be too early to predict how this season will go, but tomorrow’s game will be the first time we can draw some conclusions about Sarri’s start.

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2 years ago

I really love Sarri,he is a specialist in player management.

Daniel Tweed
Daniel Tweed
2 years ago

Sarri’s calm will develop a CFC season of self believers … this may only produce a team of warriors !!