Billy Gilmour Debut In Kit
GETTY: Chris McQuillan

A lot of Chelsea fans were very excited by the prospect of seeing Billy Gilmour on this tour, and they got a full 45 minutes tonight against Bohemians.

The young Scot is only 18, and very slight, although his growth spurt over the last year has been notable. Despite his lack of size, he came into the game in the second half and made an immediate impression. He played some clever passes, and also got several shots off in the second half, showing an impressive fearlessness and lack of deference to his senior teammates.

To the many Chelsea fans who have heard a lot about this kid but not yet seen him, this was a good summary. Feisty and creative in the middle of the park, and looking with every passing week and every kilo he gains more and more capable of playing in a proper midfield role rather than as a number ten.

Billy may be one of the youngsters who returns to the academy this Sunday after the Ireland trip, but on this evidence he’s done nothing but improve his case to be given more chances in this Chelsea team in the future. He must be a candidate for a loan next year, if not this season.

Let’s hope he gets another go against St Patrick’s on Saturday.

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