Callum Hudson Odoi

Chelsea fans were horrified to see Callum Hudson-Odoi go off injured in the first half last night, and were even more disappointed to find out that his issue was a very severe one – a ruptured Achilles.

Predictably this has lead to doom and gloom across the fanbase. When it comes to the end of this season, we have lost a dangerous weapon and a fan favourite. But could there be beneficial effects to this?

Callum will now undergo surgery, and won’t be back in action until our preseason is underway. This may scupper his dreams of a transfer to Bayern Munich, which is fantastic for us.

His contract still runs out next summer, which is an issue, and we may end up losing him on a free in a year, which is still a major concern. But this should guarantee us at least one more year with our youth product to try and show him he has a real future here, and that going to Germany would be a bad idea.

We’re not sure if Sarri is the man to convince him to do that, but you can’t deny he’s integrated him more and more as the season has gone. All we can hope for is that his recovery is smooth, and we see a fresh Callum starting next season with a lot of excitement and a lot of opportunities in the first team.

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1 year ago

True it could help us keep him away from Bayern’s but is it fair to say it’s “his dream move?”
His just waiting to see if our joke of a board make some proper football decisions and not just business ones for a change.