Maurizio Sarri

Reports in the Metro today say that Maurizio Sarri is frustrated by Chelsea’s refusal to allow him to leave the club for Juventus.

They even have quotes from his old president at Empoli, Fabrizio Corsi, claiming that the Italian coach was “pessimistic” and had been “grumbling”.

It’s no surprise to see Chelsea are dragging their feet over letting the coach go. For once, they find themselves in a position of strength when it comes to a departing manager. They have clearly had second thoughts about the former Napoli boss, and he seemed very close to the sack at times.

But now they know Juve want him, and that he wants to go, they can hold off on letting him leave until they get the compensation they want, and have their replacement lined up.

We can really make Juventus sweat, now they’ve ditched Max Allegri and fixated on Sarri as their replacement. They will want their new man in as soon as possible, so we can expect them to buckle under our demands that they pay up the remaining two years on Sarri’s deal.

In the meantime, we can sound out Frank Lampard and other potential replacements, so that we can also move swiftly on from the Sarri experiment. After paying out almost £100m to managers and staff over his tenure at the club, Roman Abramovich will be keen to take this chance to actually get some money back for a coach.

Of course Sarri will be stressed, with this huge chance to escape Chelsea and head to his country’s biggest team currently just out of reach – just imagine how many cigarettes he’s going through! But in the end, every party in this deal ultimately wants the same thing, so it should just be a matter of time – and money.

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