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Somehow, Chelsea has laid in low regard at the sportsbooks throughout this season to date.

Returning odds well over what you’d expect for the defending Premier League champion, the club’s positions have been the best odds on sports over the past two weeks. Look for the club to continue its run of good payout through the weekend.

Roster Management And Team Play

It is fair to say that the Blues squad has been more steady than a number of other premier clubs over the past 3 years. Diego Costa, Willian, Fabregas, and Hazard have been leading the team to practice and play for some time now.

In doing so, they have developed an effective pace and style of play which rewards fans with clever off-ball runs to goal, hard-nosed grit and team-play patience.

Avid fans of Chelsea understand the value that Hazard brings to the pitch and yet he ranks surprisingly low on the overall player charts throughout the Premier League.

Hazard Vs Man City

It is increasingly hard to understand how one of the best overall performers in the last world cup doesn’t push sportsbooks down.

Fans Have Been Cashing In / Love To Travel

We know Chelsea fans like to travel and that the club has one of the largest fanbases around the world. So, it will be quite an advantage should ‘The Blues’ roll all the way to another Premier League title.

Following odds like the ones beat over the past two weeks, the stadiums will be packed with Chelsea supporters. No surprise that the club is officially known by the nickname ‘The Pensioners’ for some of the more traditional fans.

Will Chelsea FC Remain Underrated?

It’s hard to fathom that the tides won’t turn against Chelsea at the sportsbooks in the coming weeks. Even if the Premier League has lost a step against the world in the Champions League, one would easily expect that the margins will squeeze a bit for their Premier matches.

Then again, Celtic and Chelsea both took big pots last week, so things are looking up in the UK.

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