Petr Cech
Petr Cech is arguably the greatest goalkeeper in Chelsea history, winning 13 major honours

Chelsea once again go into a summer not knowing who their manager will be next season, making planning their squad very hard.

Summer after summer they have gone into these periods with one man out and another in. They often bring with them players they like, and are backed in the market to bring in their style of squad member over the windows they are in charge.

This leads to a lot of detritus in the squad as the boss changes. The Danny Drinkwaters of this world, who need to be shifted not long after the manager, and even once useful players like Victor Moses end up without a home too when the gaffer goes.

This summer it looks like we won’t be able to sign anyone, so we will at least have a chance to try out a manager before we see whether we back him to the tune of hundreds of millions in the market.

Hopefully Petr Cech can come in sooner rather than later and take this year to get up speed with the loanees, before he makes his own plunge into buying players next summer. His presence should mitigate this issue in the future, as we try to build towards a consistent vision, only tweaked slightly for each manager’s style.

Only in that way can we start competing at the top level again.

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