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It could very well be one of the most important stories of the season, as our club reportedly come closer to a change of directors (or at least director roles) for the first time in five years (and three years if you count Marina Granovskaia joining the board of directors). The talk here is of course about the rumours of us signing Walter Sabatini.

It all started when Sabatini finally resigned from his post at AS Roma, after plenty of reported disputes with president James Pallotta, who had a habit of selling the best players the club had, which forced Sabatini to build over and over again.

And it is presumed that the Italian is one of the biggest demands Conte has had when approached for the Chelsea job before the summer. And now, Corriere dello Sport is reporting that our head coach is “pushing hard” for hiring a man, who will essentially be his boss, which sounds all kinds of weird to be honest.

An equally important part in the story is the fact that Sabatini will most likely take the current job of the ever divisive Michael Emenalo, which would mean a lot, especially if our current director of football leaves the club altogether.

Emenalo has been at his current role since 2011 and has changed the profile of our signings to mostly young and gifted flair players, after it had been:”who would Mourinho sign?” for a few years before Emenalo.

And we’ve hardly looked back since. And even when we did look back and hired Mourinho once again, it was reported that Emenalo offered to resign his post, only to be told to get back to work, possibly by Roman Abramovich himself. And it seems like our owner will get the final say on the matter once more.

When we take a look at Abramovich’s desire to make the club more self-sustaining, our decision to legitimately try to comply with FFP(unlike Man City and PSG) and our extraordinary and extraordinarily expensive new stadium, we would have enough reasons as to why having a large loan army and many promising youngsters is important for us.

Which could be the main motive behind Emenalo-who has brought us plenty of talent and profit during his reign – staying on with us, even if we bring Sabatini in.

It could also be argued that our club might be devided between a Conte/Sabatini camp and an Emenalo camp, which would mean that we have to decide, which man it will be.

What is clear at this point, is that not much is clear for us observers. The latest reports have claimed that we would ideally want Sabatini to come and Emenalo to stay, which says something about how highly Emenalo is regarded at Chelsea, but it is also important to note, that Abramovich must have plenty of hopes for Conte, otherwise we would not be seeing a move of such magnitude take place.

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