Emenalo and Conte
Michael Emenalo left Chelsea to join AS Monaco as sporting director for the French club.

It appears there are some changes going on at Chelsea. Yesterday news emerged that Michael Emenalo has resigned from his role at Chelsea as the club’s technical director. This is coming just days after Marca revealed Roman Abramovich is set to sack Antonio Conte.

Conte’s sack has been rumoured since towards the end of last summer. Reports claimed last summer that Conte and Roman Abramovich have had a fall out. Although that appeared to be way off the mark but the rumours have not gone away.

According to a report by Marca this week, claimed Conte has barely spoken to Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich since the beginning of this season. The Italian reportedly have to go through director Marina Granovskaia to communicate with Roman Abramovich.

Although Marca have not reported any likely candidate to replace Antonio Conte at Chelsea but with Carlo Anceloti still available, could it be that Abramovich is already working behind the scene to bring in the former Bayern Munich manager back to the club?

Carlo Ancelotti
Former-Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has been linked with a return to the champions.

Knowing the Russian billionaire, it is a big possibility but in my humble opinion, bringing in Carlo Anceloti to replace Conte will be underwhelming. No disrespect to Carlo Anceloti but the fact remians he hans’t done anything tangible in the game recently. He has flopped at Bayern Munich and I do not think he still has what it takes.

Massimiliano Allegri will for me be the best candidate to replace Antonio Conte. If left to me, Conte will be allowed to continue in his job however, if Conte is to be sacked, I will prefer Allegri to take over or Diego Simeone. Both the Juventus and Atletico Madrid managers are still very well grounded in the game unlike oldies like Carlo Anceloti.

Although Diego Simeone will be most Chelsea fan’s choice if Conte is to be replaced but I doubt Diego Simeone will want the job at Chelsea. He seems to me to have his mind made up on managing Inter Milan, a club he played for. He has made it clear on many occasions and it certainly won’t surprise me if he eventually moves to Inter Milan.

Allegri on the other hand has paid his dues at Juventus and is very likely to seek new pastures as early as this summer. He last summer signed a new two years contract with Juventus but I doubt he will remain at the club beyond this season.

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