Alvaro Morata
Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images

It was reported over the weekend by Matt Law of the Telegraph that Chelsea have told Atletico Madrid to pay for Alvaro Morata or see him recalled.

The striker has been on loan back in his native country of Spain since January, and made a positive impact back at the Wanda Metropolitano, and the Spanish side will be counting on him for next season.

However the transfer ban on Chelsea means we can negotiate pretty fearlessly here. We can quite reasonably tell him that we have no good forwards, and that following the departure of Gonzalo Higuain he’s needed back at the club whom he voluntarily signed for two summer ago.

He won’t be happy about it – he’s made it clear a dozen times or more that he hated life in London and wants to stay where he is – but what can he really do?

In all likelihood, this genuine pressure we can apply to him will lead to the Spanish club paying the money we want, to avoid the risk of losing him back to us, and having to start fresh in a summer when they’re already going to lose Antoine Griezmann.

So for once, we can see the positive face of this curséd ban.

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