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Conte: the Pros and Cons

antonio conte


Conte: the Pros and Cons

Antonio Conte is a very well known coach who won Serie A with Juventus three times in a row! Although there is a lot we don’t know about him find out his downside below as well as his huge upside…


  • He’s obsessed with success, he will stop at nothing to reach the top– including axing any players who are not prepared to step up their effort for Chelsea.
  • No tedious football- Conte is known to play a 4-2-4 or 3-5-2 and will want his Chelsea team to dominate other teams in midfield next season- Conte demands the players to get forward and overpower the other teams defense.
  • His eye for detail– at Juventus he found out that a 4-2-4 would not work and put 3 players in defense instead, at Chelsea if he finds he does not have the tool for his original plan he will try something different until a new tactic/formation works.
  • Not just a manager but a great coach– he can develop young players into great players, for example Pogba who became one of the best players in Serie A. Unlike Mourinho he will put belief into the Chelsea players so they can perform to their maximum potential.
  • Carlos Tevez said Conte was at the same level as Sir Alex Ferguson– that’s an amazing compliment from a player that has played under Ferguson which shows the managerial level that Conte is on.


  • Is he just a Mourinho no.2?– he is intense and wants to challenge his players, this might not be the best appointment from Abramovic with the current Chelsea team who made it clear that they prefer Guus’s easy going style over Mourinho’s demanding style.
  • Andrea Pirlo said Conte’s words have the ability to “crash through doors of your mind, often quite violently, and settle deep within you”– Is this Psychological torment what Chelsea players are looking for to improve their confidence?- although arguably some players naturally will like this and will be motivated while others will not take well to his harsh words and will want an easy-going manager back!
  • Conte is not the best with the press– his strong personality will get him into trouble a lot in the press and possibly on the sideline.
  •  There is a large chance he will have to bring down his intensity and this could be detrimental to Chelsea’s success– If players decide that they don’t like his style they can give the signal to the owner to sack him(player power) so Conte may be forced to mellow out but this might lead to less trophies as this is not how Conte has won in the past…


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4 years ago

I would say that Conte is not that Mour, because he is intense and sometimes to angry, but i’m not sure about people’s reaction about him. I wouldn’t prefer him as a coach of Chelsea.

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