Guardiola & Mourinho

Conte, our new manager will be in for a tough ride next season with all the new ‘heavy-weight’ managers joining the top teams in the league. Two of these top managers he may well be against are Guardiola (Manchester City) and Mourinho (Possibly Manchester United). Will Conte be able to compete with these two successful managers?

What do the stats say?


  • 54.9%-win rate
  • 28%- draw rate
  • 17.1%- loss rate


  • 74.1%- win rate
  • 19.7%- draw rate
  • 14.9%- loss rate


  • 65.4%- win rate
  • 15.6%- draw rate
  • 10.4%- loss rate

As we can see above the managers that Conte might be taking on next season have very impressive stats, even more than his. Although compared to the other two managers Conte has a better ratio of draws: losses which could be to his benefit next season as he will be able to grind out a point in some tough games while the other two managers will struggle to keep a score level.

Who’s won what?


  • Serie A x3
  • Italian Super Cup x2


  • La Liga x3
  • The Bundesliga x2(probably 3 very soon)
  • Copa Del Ray x2
  • DFB-Polka (German Cup) x1
  • Champions League x2
  • UEFA Super cup x3


  • Primeira Liga x2
  • Portuguese Cup x1
  • UEFA cup x1
  • Champions League x2
  • Portuguese Super Cup x1
  • Premier League x3
  • FA cup x1
  • League Cup x3
  • Serie A x2
  • Italian Cup x1
  • Spanish cup x1
  • La Liga x1

It’s well known that Guardiola and Mourinho have won more trophies than Conte, although it has been hard for Conte with the teams that he has managed- his first managerial roles were at Atalanta, Arezzo, Siena and Bari who were all fighting relegation at the time or trying to secure promotion. While arguably Mourinho and Guardiola have had an easy ride by starting out at the top and then progressing from there. Chelsea will be Conte’s second ‘top team’ which is beneficial for Chelsea as he will be hungry for more Trophies.

What do the players say?


“I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said: ‘Hell, Conte said something really spot on again today.”- Andrea Pirlo

“I think he’s already on the same level [as Sir Alex Ferguson]. He’s not lacking anything. He shows that in every game and in every competition he’s involved in. He’s a top, top coach.”- Carlos Tevez

“I’ve learnt a lot by spending time with him and from a tactical point of view he’s the best manager I’ve ever had. I don’t feel any pressure. I like pressure. When you’re with the national team every match is an exam. I know what the boss wants from me.”- Marco Verrati


“Pep immediately transmitted an enormous amount of pride in our work, ambition and hunger.”- Lionel Messi

“Tactically he is maybe the best. And I don’t say that just because he is our coach at the moment.”- Arjen Robben

“That would make it that bit harder for all the other teams in the Premier League”-  Jürgen Klopp on Pep coming to the BPL


“Mourinho is arrogant and selfish, and likes to assert his dominance,”- David Suazo

“I answered back and then he answered me again. But later we had to deal with it. “- Ricardo Carvalho

Conte and Guardiola obviously have a huge amount of respect from their current players and former players while Mourinho has often upset many of his former players. Hopefully the current team, who were all coached by Mourinho, will be able to adapt to Conte’s Philosophy after a tough half-season under Mourinho.

Conte seems to be admired by the players that he has coached  – this bodes well for Chelsea next season as there have been hardly any bad words about him. Although Conte will have competition from another highly respected manager – Guardiola – this could be a problem for Chelsea next season because no matter how well they play they will be competing with arguably the best manager in world football.

Is Conte better at creating World Class players?


Paul Pogba – Conte was very eager to sign Pogba as soon as he became the manager of Juventus and now everyone can see why! He took the young Frenchman from United and created a world class midfielder. This is the type of transformation that will be essential at Chelsea next season- many young players are eager to break into the first team at Chelsea and Conte can be the man to develop them.


Lionel Messi – Before Guardiola came to Barcelona Messi was just a young player trying to make an impression but by the time Guardiola had left Messi had become one of the best players in History. Messi praised Pep for the heart he puts into his team- Conte may find it hard to compete against someone who has created the best player on Earth.


Frank Lampard – Mourinho turned Lampard into a good player into one of the greatest midfielders in Europe. Mourinho, who may be at United next season, will have the chance to develop a lot of average midfielders into great ones. Conte will need to adapt to his managerial level. Although Mourinho is not known for creating promising young players while Conte has been known to do this.

So can Conte compete with these managers?

Simply, yes. Conte has experience at all levels, not just top levels, and this could be one of the main reasons he is successful next season. Mourinho, who potentially will be at Old Trafford may struggle to take United back into BPL contention – while nobody knows right now if Guardiola will be able to be successful in a faster, more physical league, this could be Guardiola’s biggest challenge yet; while Conte has often been in a hard situation in his previous jobs!

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