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Ruben Loftus-Cheek is one of the brightest stars of Chelsea’s academy. It has been predicted that a glorious future awaited the young English midfielder for some time now, but those claims have never been really justified by neither the player nor the club.

It was reported by various news outlets that Ruben’s time at Chelsea was coming to a close in light of the Ross Barkley’s signing, however the club went and denied that claiming that the attacking midfielder still had a future at the club.

However, the constant turmoil surrounding the club when it comes to managerial changes and the apparent strain between the board and certain staff members has caused Ruben’s future and that of all academy players and loanees to be in the spotlight once again this summer.

So does Ruben Loftus-Cheek really have a chance of breaking into Chelsea’s first team or is he better off looking for first team chances someplace else? Let’s try and find out.

Injury Prone

One of the first things which comes to mind when considering Loftus-Cheek’s career is his proneness to injuries, especially at such an early age for a professional footballer. He has suffered from various hamstring injuries and has recently been plagued by a nagging lower back injury which seems to be prevalent in taller players who exert their body more than they should.

In fact, if you were a betting man you would stand to make a lot of money if you backed young Ruben to miss out a game due to injury or to get injured while playing. Football Betting operators would have to figure out a way to protect themselves from the influx of winning bets which would come as a result of punters seeing the potential in this market.

Jokes aside, if Loftus-Cheek is to have any future at Chelsea or at any other club, he should definitely start taking better care of his body and maybe start a special training regime suited to his needs. This is nothing new in the world of football and it might actually be very beneficial for him.

Playing Style

If Loftus-Cheek is to have any future at Chelsea, he should be able to make himself indispensable in a squad containing Eden Hazard, Willian (who is ready to fight lions to keep his place), Cesc Fabregas and now Ross Barkley as players who can play in his position. This is not an easy task, but considering Chelsea’s abysmal form this season it doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

All Loftus-Cheek needs to do is to start eradicating the few flaws that he has in his game, such as spending too much time on the ball and should start using his talents and physique more often than not. If he does this, there is no reason why he shouldn’t start for Chelsea next season.

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