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Mind of a maestro – Fabregas has been an integral part of our attack ever since he joined.

Last season and future expectations

Below was a statement from last season, in which Cesc broke history in one of the most talented games/seasons of his career, funny how times have changed, huh?

”Fabregas is thriving: Against West Brom. Fabregas recorded the most touches (174), the most final third passes (72) and the most successful passes in the final third (64) by any player in any Premier League game this season. Pretty impressive in itself. But when you compare those numbers to the best EVER passing performances in Premier League history, it gives you a true reflection of just how well Fabregas is playing right now.’’ – Daily Mail


Interview with Cesc

A few weeks ago, the midfielder was hosted on Monday Night Football together with Jamie Carragher and discussed what he expects under incoming Chelsea boss Antonio Conte next season.

The former Juventus manager, who has already signed a three-year contract to take over the English club from next season, brought his compatriot Pirlo in 2011 and together they orchestrated one of the successful periods in Juventus’ rich history.

Pirlo is regarded as one of the best deep-lying playmakers in the game due to his unique passing qualities and ability to dictate play from behind the main midfield line.

And Fabregas, whose current Chelsea side has endured a markedly dismal season, has revealed that he would be happy to play in a similar position if Conte required him to.

Fabregas on MNF: 

“I can be Conte’s Pirlo next season’’

“I love football and I’ve been studying what he does a little bit in his previous teams,” the midfielder told Monday Night Football.

“We played against Italy [with Spain] recently and it was really interesting because you can see he loves offensive football, tactically you can see that his teams are so well organised.

“From what I’ve heard, and what is proved by so many professionals talking about him, is that he’s disciplined, he’s a winner, he’s a competitor. And that’s what we need.

“We need someone who will always be on our backs trying to push us and make us work hard and teaching us new things, the things he wants to do and achieve.
“But for sure, all I know is that he wants to win straight away. No more transition, no more excuses, he wants to win, win, win and for that we will need to be prepared since day one.”

Mind and the magician – Conte and (Pirlo) discussing tactics to dissect defences.

The show host then asked Fabregas whether he thought he could be Pirlo for Antonio Conte at Chelsea:

“You can never say never. I’m very honest with myself, I’m not the quickest player. I’m not the most mobile in terms of defensive ability,” Fabregas confessed.

“So I would always have to be well protected with disciplined players that, from the back, midfield and strikers, play with very, very composed lines.

“But why not? I love coming deep to get the ball, I love long-range passes, I like to connect with people from the front and between the lines. It’s a position that I like.”

FabregasCesc looking rather confident – wouldn’t you say?

Past and the future?

imageWith Antonio Conte, it is evident to think that he will implement the same tactics into the next season, but who knows?

Conte’s line up for Juventus a couple years back in the Serie A, Pirlo was allowed the liberty of having space to set-up the attack, having elite defensive players in front of him, and therefore, no threat of defensive danger.

Furthermore, it only makes sense to compare Pirlo and Fabregas as they have similar traits.

At the ostensive glance, they both have exceptional passing ability, and they are the fastest players to say the least. But, they are both masters of reading the game and producing the perfect pass which could end up being the game-winning assist.

Needless to say that he could definitely perpetuate that role of Pirlo’s.

Special thanks to Will Kowalewski for contribution.

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