Frank Lampard
Jan Kruger/Getty Images

The rumours about the future of Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea have continued this week, with two names forced to the front of the queue by the withdrawal of Zinedine Zidane from the race after the Frenchman was appointed at Real Madrid.

Frank Lampard and Nuno are the names mentioned, and while the latter has proved himself in the Premier League, the former is still in his first season as a manager.

Would it be too soon to make Frank Lampard Chelsea manager this summer, if Sarri was sacked? I think so yes. Not because his results at Derby haven’t been great – managing Chelsea would be a different job entirely. But just because he needs time to develop his own style of play and philosophy.

More importantly, appointing Frank will be a massive moment for him and the club. But his reign will, in all likelihood, end in a sacking – as most managerial tenures do. Let’s keep that in mind. Don’t we want to bring him in to take over a squad that is strong and competitive?

We only get to press that big red Lampard button once, and making him come in with the club at its lowest ebb in years seems risky. Of course maybe he would be the man to turn it all round, but given he’s still a rookie on the touchline, waiting a couple of season seems to make sense for all involved.

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